Dunsborough Yoga Pod
4/20 Faure Lane, Dunsborough, 6281

I represent and warrant that I am in good physical health and do not suffer from any medical condition(s) that would limit my participation in the classes offered by Dunsborough Yoga Pod. I understand that it is my responsibility to consult with a physician prior to and regarding my participation in any of the yoga classes offered by Dunsborough Yoga Pod. I understand the risks associated with the activities offered by Dunsborough Yoga Pod and I agree to follow all instructions so that I can safely participate in yoga classes.

I acknowledge that participation in yoga classes or any other fitness exercise classes exposes me to possible risks of personal injury. I am fully aware of these risks and hereby release Dunsborough Yoga Pod, and/or any other persons who may teach at Dunsborough Yoga Pod from any and all liability, negligence, or other claims arising from, or in any way connected with my participation in their yoga classes and any other exercise classes offered by them.

I have read the above release and waiver of liability and fully understand its content. I am legally competent to sign and voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above.


Please practice mindfully and enjoy the benefits of practicing yoga with Dunsborough Yoga Pod.


Operational Service
Our class numbers are limited, if you don’t book online it is unlikely you will secure a space. It is therefore advised you book and purchase all classes and events online.

These terms and conditions apply any time you make a booking to attend one of our classes, term classes, events, purchase a class pass, or purchase any one of our memberships. If anything in this document differs from what you have been told by our People, this document will take precedence.

Dunsborough Yoga Pod reserves the right to add, change or remove our operational procedures from time to time. These changes include but are not limited to changes to operating hours, opening days, closing for refurbishment or public holidays, and amending class types, styles, teachers and times. All changes will appear on our website or in our studio.

Dunsborough Yoga Pod reserves the right to amend these terms at any time, and your use of the website or purchase of our memberships, packages or events following any amendments will represent your agreement to be bound by these terms as amended.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

All purchases for classes, term classes, events, weekly passes, introductory trials, class passes and any one of our memberships at Dunsborough Yoga Pod are non-transferable, exchangeable, shareable or refundable either in full or in portion for any un-used sessions. Missed classes and events will not be refunded or credited. All purchases are final.

Dunsborough Yoga Pod reserves the right to cancel any class, session or event. A minimum of three people is required for a class to proceed. Dunsborough Yoga Pod reserves the right to cancel a class if a minimum number is not met. Should Dunsborough Yoga Pod cancel a class our live schedule both on our website and mobile app will be updated. If you have booked into the class cancelled you will be contacted via email prior to the class start time. Dunsborough Yoga Pod reserves the right to change all class pass packages and membership pricing at any time.

On signing any one of our Membership Agreements your membership will continue weekly or monthly until cancelled. Unlimited Membership plans allow you unlimited regular studio class access plus a discount on events. The Occasional Membership option gives you access to 4 regular studio classes each month. Your new 4 class allowance will reset with your payment cycle monthly, all unused classes will not rollover.

You may freeze your membership for a period of no less than 14 days to a maximum of 60 days up to 2 times a year. Freezes align with your weekly membership payment day. Any request for a freeze to your membership must be submitted in writing to hello@dunsboroughyogapod.com 2 weeks prior to your intended freeze period. Freeze periods are not available for any introductory pass, terms classes, class passes, weekly passes or events.

There is an initial 3 month lock in commitment period for all memberships, after this initial period you may cancel your membership. Memberships may be cancelled by giving 30 days written notice from your next direct debit day, submitted in writing to hello@dunsboroughyogapod.com and payments will continue until the 30 day notice period is completed. If you wish to cancel your membership within the first 3 months a cancellation fee applies for the remaining amount due equal to the value of the 3 months plus the 30 day notice period.

Dunsborough Yoga Pod reserves the right to change all membership prices at any time. The Founding Membership Discount will remain for all remaining Founding Members as a lifetime discount guarantee.

Refer a friend scheme is only valid to the deluxe membership holders. You may invite a new (different) friend to the studio each month, using you unique coupon code. The invitee is required to book online and use your specific coupon code using our online booking system.

All recurring payments will be deducted by direct debit from our payment provider Stripe. Any failure or dispute to recurring payments will incur a fee. If your direct debit fails, we reserve the right to suspend your service until the payment is paid in full. 
No refunds either in full or in portion are available for any un-used sessions during a weekly payment cycle. Memberships are non-transferable or shareable.

This is available only to new local students as a onetime purchase only and allows you access to unlimited regular classes. Students who have practiced at Dunsborough Yoga Pod previously are not eligible for this offer. This includes students who have previously attended on a Class Pass, one of our Memberships or Weekly Passes. Valid for 21 days from your chosen start date.


Valid for the week you select at purchase and allows you access to unlimited regular classes for that week only.


Studio Etiquette

Dunsborough Yoga Pod reserves the right to cancel your membership and/or refuse access or entry to any person to its premises or to participate in any classes either online or in studio for any cause, including but not limited to: Non-payment of class or membership fees, rudeness towards classmates or staff, discrimination, Intimidation, bullying (in person or on social media), misconduct, harassment (verbal or physical), intoxication or on medical grounds. We expect all to be considerate towards all staff and students of Dunsborough Yoga Pod and to comply with these ‘Terms and Conditions’ to ensure we maintain our safe & nurturing space where all are welcomed.


Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class start time. The studio will be locked once the class commences to avoid disruption to our students. Late entry will not be permitted, and we ask you remain in class until the session has concluded.


We are not responsible in any way for the safekeeping of your personal belongings that you bring into the studio. We recommend that you only bring items required for your class and leave valuables at home. No items, including phones, are permitted into the studio apart from yoga mat, water bottle and towel.



Dunsborough Yoga Pod may on occasion release media to promote activities within the yoga studio. This media may be used, but not limited to online, email, social platforms or posters. By accepting these terms and conditions you accept images, photographs may be used in these mediums to promote Dunsborough Yoga Pod.


Unless otherwise indicated, Dunsborough Yoga Pod owns all copyright of the material on the website. All registered or unregistered trademarks used o the website is the property of their respective owners.


All copyright, data, text, software, images, graphics, trademarks, logos, interfaces, photographs, and other intellectual property (content) on the website is owned, controlled by, or licensed to Dunsborough Yoga Pod. Except for viewing the content for your own personal non-commercial use, Dunsborough Yoga Pod does not grant you any rights to use the website or content for any other purpose unless it expressly consents in writing.

Privacy Policy
We are committed to safeguarding personal privacy. We recognise that individuals have a right to control how their personal information is collected and used. Providing personal information is an act of trust and it is taken seriously. We will not collect or monitor any personal information about an individual without their consent. The only personal information collected is what has been provided voluntarily. Personal information will be used to fulfil the obligations of your membership, provide information about products and services, obtain opinions or comments about products and services, or record statistical data for marketing analysis.

We will endeavour to take all reasonable steps to keep secure any personal information recorded, and to keep this information accurate and up to date.


Dunsborough Yoga Pod have not waived our right if we do not enforce any right contained in these terms and conditions during a particular timeframe. The most up to date version of these terms will always apply.