Meet Our Team


Sarah Murray


Founder & Yoga Instructor

I started practising yoga when I was 15 along with a video and my mum in our sitting room! I quickly learned Sun Salutations and postures and then developed my self practice. I would roll out my mat in my room to escape the ups and downs of a teen’s life (with my Madonna soundtrack on full blast!)

Since then I have practised many different yoga and meditation styles and learned from a variety of teachers in Ireland, Nepal, Costa Rica, Thailand, Indonesia and Sydney. I travelled on my own for a year and a half and during this time I was lucky enough to spend time in the magical Himalayas, Nepal and Tibet. I delved deeper into my spiritual practice, learning new mediation techniques, a lot about dedication, perseverance, commitment and trust.

After a decade of working in education and primary schools as a teacher, I completed my 50hr Rainbow Kids YTT in Sydney. I saw the many benefits of yoga and mindfulness for children and recognised a real value in supporting students with everyday pressures through yoga. I then decided to continue my yoga learning journey and completed Vinyasa YTT. I am forever a student and have completed further training in Yin, Myo-Fascial Therapy, Kids, Mindfulness, Pre and Post Natal.

What a learning curve it was after having my first baby and getting back on the mat in my postpartum body and mind. My yoga practice changed and reminded me that we are all constantly evolving and adapting. I am excited to share all that I have learned with you, supporting you to evolve and adapt as you navigate your life path.


Nick Golledge


Founder & Yoga Instructor

Yoga found me while I was living in the bustle of Sydney, drawing me in with its tranquil movement, offering me the essential moments of recovery I craved before leaping back into the corporate city life, moving too fast for anyone to keep pace.


I’ve always enjoyed running, ocean swimming and climbing as a way to maintain health. Yoga was the occasional vacation away from business as usual, but it kept pursuing me. When I met my inspiring, beautiful wife, Sarah it found me again. Sarah being a practiced yogi, I became a student being pulled ever more into this fascinating world with its ancient history.


Seeing first hand this practice improve my health, complementing my running and swimming I couldn’t resist looking for a way to tell others and being a teacher was that avenue, a way to inspire change.


I feel my intrigue grow daily, as I continue to feel the benefits of breath and movement energising my body and mind.

Sarah Malone.jpg

Sarah Malone

Yoga Instructor

I am an artist, educator, avid traveller and coffee enthusiast. From a young age I formed a relationship with movement and creativity. These two aspects have always been a part of me, but never really came together until more recently when undertook my Foundational Yoga Teacher Training.

It was back in 2007 when I experienced my first yoga class. I still remember leaving the class feeling invigorated, stronger and balanced, curious to learn more. Still to this day, I experience the same nourishment from each practice, yoga has been an integral part of my life ever since.


As a yoga teacher, I like to blend creativity with movement through sequencing in way to deepen my students practice. I am passionate about teaching and creating a nurturing and supportive environment accessible for everyone to experience the physical and mindful benefits that yoga invites, whether it be a dynamic and energising vinyasa practice or a softer, more restorative style.


With 10 years experience in Education and Training, I am an advocate and firm believer that we are always students, continuing to learn and grow from our experiences and from those we surround ourselves with. I thoroughly enjoyed my Foundation Training in Vinyasa and have loved the freedom of continued education, allowing me to hone in on practices and modalities that I am passionate about. I have since completed further training in Yin Yoga, Myofascial Release Therapy, Restorative Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath Facilitation.

Katie Green_edited.jpg

Katie Green

Yoga Instructor

Katie discovered yoga in the year 2000, at first being drawn to the physicality of the practice and later, the beauty of the body, mind and spirit connection.


Katie's curiosity with yoga led her to take her Yoga teacher training, meditation teacher training and breathwork teacher training. Katie delivers a thoughtful and explorative vinyasa flow class and grounding, nurturing yin class.


Katie's passion lies within our deeper connection and understanding to self and the connection to breath and prana within that connection. Katie's goal as a teacher is to create a safe space for her students to connect to their bodies, explore the deeper layers of mental and emotional bodies and to feel better than when they started.